Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ode to The Underapprectiated

We had taken this already short work week off to work on the house. It has been a while since our last big messy project. Even without having to worry about our day jobs this week, the progress hasn't been quite as fast as we'd like. So far after Tuesday, i've only managed to get the demo done. And doing demolition has given me a renewed appreciation for something that i usually take for granted. And that thing is...nose hair. After 4 days of demolishing tile, cement board and a mortar bed, i was a wheezing mess. Even with a dust mask, i breathed in more than enough construction dust for a life time. Whenever i blow my nose after doing a large demo, i always have a new appreciation for that evolutionary folicular miracle, that is nose hair. And anyone who has done a bunch of demo will know exactly what i am talking about.

So the plan for the new bathroom is to leave all the fixtures more or less in the same place, except we're losing the bidet and moving the toilet forward a couple of feet, so that we can use the space previously occupied by the toilet and bidet as a linen closet (accessed through the main hall). I'm attempting to infuse the new washroom with a rich, timelss look. Basically, my guiding principle is - What would Brigette Bardot's washroom look like? For flooring i've chosen a 6" x 18" bianco carrara marble tile, which i plan to lay in a herring bone pattern, with dark grey grout lines. For tub surround i am once again using clean white subway tiles, i always find the look of white subway tile to be both timeless and enduring. For fixtures, i am turning to American Standard's Town Square line, which i've used before in my first house, it's a line that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. I also plan to finally put the table saw i bought 3 years ago to good use, as i plan to panel the walls in painted wood (actually mdf). The panelling will have a chair rail, bolection moulding around each panel and crown moulding around the top. For a vanity, i plan to customize an IKEA base kitchen cabinet. Standard kitchen cabinets are 24" deep, for this smallish washroom i'll galdly forego the storage space for more floor space, so i'll rip the cabinet down to 21" deep. Hopefully the smaller cabinet depth will also translate to slightly less money for the marble counter i end up choosing. Should be interesting to see if i really can achieve a rich look, while trying to stay below a materials budget of 6K.

Anyhow, here are some progress pics of the demolition process:

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