Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Sweet Smell of Progress

Ah progress, sweet progress. The guys at Diox Inc, have pulled down the make shift awning, and have constructed a new roof structure. These guys were quick, honest, reliable and reasonable. Now i know it doesn't look much better than what was there previously, but atleast now the posts are actually anchored into the ground. And the structure is super-solid, they had two guys on the roof hammering in shingles. This past weekend's thunder storms were a good test to see if the water leak had been solved. We used to get buckets of water pouring in, and now with the new roof structure and flashing, we only ended up getting just a few drops. Once the downspout has been re routed directly to the ground, we should be 100% water tight. And once I get some time, I’ll trim out the posts with some gingerbread and railing.

This past weekend I also began demolishing my 80’s bathroom to make way for all new fixtures and a linen closet. More posts coming soon on that, but in the mean time here are some of the befores.

Even though I grew up in the 80’s, I have never been a fan of the designs. The 80’s were all about conspicuous displays of consumption and status symbols. And nothing says "You’ve made it!", like gold taps...

...and a bidet:

In the 80’s strange accent lighting was all the rage, and having UFO lighting on your bath tub meant you were totally wicked and rad:


Kathy said...

We have a bidet in our downstairs bathroom. We've never used it once and it'll be the first thing to go when we reno that room. I've never seen undermount tub lighting though. That's truly special.
Looking forward to seeing the after.

glow said...

I covet your awning. Seriously. It's lovely. Who knew you could get so excited over a little bit of pressure-treated lumber, eh?