Thursday, November 10, 2011

Backyard Makeover

This past summer we had our backyard re-done. Keep in mind when i say backyard i am talking about a tiny downtown Victorian backyard. So maybe i should call it a backinch, since you could easily measure it in inches as opposed to yards.

Anyhow the old yard consisted of a really small deck, a really small patio and some planting beds. Our old deck, barely fit our table for 6 , we had a wire that hung across the deck that i would often walk into and the rotten railroad tie planting bed and pink Unilock patio were just plain ugly.

Here are the befores:

The new yard now consists of a slightly larger deck, a path and some planting beds. Not a big change on paper. But in terms of usability it is like night and day. I wish i could take credit for building the new deck, because it turned out so well, but the truth is it was built by William Turna (416) 457-8121 We had him extend it the full width of the lot and add a few feet to the length. We also had him build a gate and do some finishing work on the covered porch structure. He took care of many of the little details, like making sure the deck was the same height as the stone threshold, so that when we walked out our patio door, it would be a nice flat landing area and he buried the wire to the garage in plastic conduit. After he built the deck, i installed a square cut flagstone pathway and re-planted some of the plants.

And here are the afters:

Yes i know the sconce on the left is crooked. I accidentally knocked it when pulling the BBQ cover off. I've since straightened it back out.

We couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Next year i plan on staining the deck and prettying up the garage, so stay tuned for Backyard Makeover part 2.


Kerry said...

What a fabulous deck! Love it! We're hoping to improve our yard next spring/summer... it needs a lot of work!

Roncy Vic said...

Thanks a lot Kerry! We now wish we had done it sooner. Canadian summers are too short not to enjoy our outdoor spaces.

Designwali said...

THis is fantastic! can you imagine the parties out there!

S and N said...

A beautiful and well planned transformation! It must be so nice to walk right out to the deck from your kitchen--like an extension of your house. We like your garage transformation too.

Roncy Vic said...

Thanks all!

@ Sundeep
My wife and i aren't big partiers, but i hear our nanny and 1 year old throw some pretty wild and crazy kiddie pool parties. I hear those crazy 1 year olds sometimes even skinny dip. I'm sure there will be more than a few of those parties next summer!

threeacres said...

Wow I love it! Makes such a big difference in a tight yard where every inch counts. Looks like the flow is much better now.