Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Covet Of The Week: 2-Storey Libraries

The first time i ever saw an image of a 2-storey library was well over 10 years ago. It was Brian Gluckstein's very own personal library from his Forest Hill home (see below and drool). And since then i have been covetting them.

Even after more than a decade, Brian Gluckstein's 2-storey library still looks just as fresh today:

image by Gluckstein Design

Here are 3 reasons i need to have my own 2-storey library one day:

1. Sure, most of the books pictured below can now easily fit onto an i-pod, but libraries are more than just a place to hold books. To me a library represents a peaceful, quiet place. A respite fom logins, passwords, ringtones, lcd screens, vibrations and other "modern advancements".

2. As a fan of wood working, i also think libraries are a temple to fine craftsmanship and architecture. Oh how i'd love to one day have enough space, time and skill to build-in beautiful bookcases and paneling. A 2-storey library would be my Everest.

3. I think a house with a 2-storey library speaks volumes about the owner. And as someone prone to geek-outs (not the comic-con type of geek-out, more like, WAY too much useless knowledge type of geek-out), i think a library is kind of my style.

Now when i eventually realize my dream of building a 2-storey library, in true Bruce Wayne fashion, i will probably design a secret door in one of the bookcases to lead to a secret room. However, instead of hiding bat costumes, i'd probably hide all my earthly geeky treasures. You know stuff like Guarnerius violins, original Tom Thomson paintings, hickory golf clubs and maybe some tumblers and scotch.

The only thing i would dislike about my 2-storey library is changing the light bulbs:

image by Matthew Millman

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