Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vanity Insanity - Part 2

My last post was about building the vanity cabinet. This post will cover how i built the drawers. This post is a bit on the technical side, but not to worry the pretty stuff comes soon.

I installed the cabinet, counter, sink and faucet before building the drawers, so that i knew how much space the plumbing would take up. The drawers are U-shaped to maximize storage while staying clear of the plumbing.

The drawer bottoms are built of the same 3/4" good on 2 sides plywood, leftover from the 4' x 8' foot sheet, that the cabinet was made of. And i used 1/2' mdf to build the drawer sides, fronts and backs. The key here is making sure you have accurate measurements and precise cuts:
Then i simply glued and brad nailed the pieces together:

Prime and paint the drawer and voila. This is the first of two drawers:

Next the drawers are installed into the cabinets using drawer glides that you can buy from any big box.

NOTE: For the Richelieu drawer glides that i used, the drawers should be 1" narrower then the face frame opening, as the glides require 1/2" of clearance on either side. I also had to build out where the glides where attached until it was flush with the face frame.

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LifeBegins@Thirty said...

So cool! Glad my hubby didn't say "let me try to build it" for ours - we'd be waiting YEARS! :-)

Nice job.