Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back With Another IKEA Hack

We used to have a walk-in closet attached to our master bedroom, which seemed a bit of a waste of space in our little house.  So we decided it would make more sense to turn it into an office instead, that is until we found out we were pregnant again.  Then it made more sense to turn it into another nursery (which i'll cover in future posts).  So out with the walk-in closet, in with the new nursery.  This meant we needed a new place to store our clothes.  Since we liked how the built in IKEA PAX closets worked out in Sidney's room, we thought we'd do it again, but with a few added features.  You can click here to  see my feature on IKEA Hackers.

We started with two IKEA PAX units, which standing on their own aren't very attractive.

So i decided i'd fill in the rest of the wall with custom home-made cabinets on either side, but because i didn't want the built-ins to look too monolithic, i decided to set back the side cabinets, creating a "breakfront" appearance.

I started by building a nice level platform upon which the PAX and side cabinets would stand upon:

Then i cut and painted all the pieces for the 2 side cabinets:

A little routing, gluing and nailing and i had my side cabinets, using the same method as when i built my vanity):

Then i put them in place and attached all four cabinets together and secured them to the wall and the platform (i know it's still not attractive yet):

Then i added the face frames on the two side cabinets, the gables on the exposed PAX sides and the frieze and toe kicks:

In the bottom half of each side cabinet i drilled holes to allow for adjustable shelving, the upper half will remain open shelving for books and display:

Then it came time to actually build-in the built-ins, by wrapping the baseboard and crown moulding over top of the frieze and the toe kicks.  I also had custom doors built for the PAX and the bottom half of the side cabinets:
After priming, painting and installing door handles, i now present the pretty stuff - Voila:

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Big Reveal!

It's been a little while since i've done a big reveal.  Over the past 4 and a half years,  i've done reveals on my kitchen, on bathrooms, the nursery, my basement and many other DIY's.   That's a long time and a lot of projects, so it's high time for my next reveal - me!  Today I will be featured on the Steven and Chris show.  As you know, the crew from the Steven and Chris show were over at the Roncy Vic household a few weeks ago, filming some of my favourite projects.  Now you'll finally be able to put a face to my name (which by the way is actually Kyle, not Roncy Vic).

So for those of you who missed it, here's the link to my Q&A as well as the segment:

Click Here to Watch